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First Time Purchase Examples
This page is for schools or other organizations who have never purchased clay or ceramic products.  These examples include low fire and modeling clay. We also have mid-fire and high-fire clay available.
Great clay for hand building, replicas, raku and studio pieces. This is the most popular fire clay for schools.
  •  Ceramic clay is water-based and safe for kids.
  •  Color is white after low fire in a ceramic pottery kiln .  
  •  Make a simple tile, slab pot, coil pot, pinch pot, beads, human or animal figurine, decorative sculpture or other functional form on a potters wheel 
  •  Kiln Required
  •  500 Pounds: $250 - $500
  •  1000 Pounds: $500 - $700
  •  2400 Pounds: $1200 - $1500
Pro-Grade WED clay is extremely pliable sculpture clay used for modeling and molding professionally in special effects (FX) sets and the motion picture studios . 
  •  Water based art clay is smooth, soft, slow drying and safe for kids to play with. 
  •  Great hardening clay for hand building, replicas, taxidermy, clay art therapy and studio pieces. 
  •  Effective for casting masks with wax or clay sculpting tools Color is Gray. 
  •  Not formulated to be fired
  •  500 Pounds: $250 - $500
  •  1000 Pounds: $500 - $700
  •  2400 Pounds: $1200 - $1500
Self hardening artist clay for school, home, arts and crafts. Great for schools without a kiln.
  •  Dry-Hard’s self-hardening formula saves the hassle and expense of kiln firing, while producing a finished product which dries leather hard in 24 hours and rock hard within several days (actual drying time varies with temperature, humidity and thickness of clay). 
  •  Safe, multi-purpose and economical. 
  •  Just like other high quality stoneware clays, Dry-Hard clays are great for modeling, throwing, sculpting and thousands of crafting and hobby projects. 
  •  The cure for shrinking school budgets
  •  Decorate with acrylic paints. Must be sealed with a commercial water sealant to waterproof.
  •  500 Pounds:  $300 - $2500
  •  1000 Pounds: $600 - $800
  •  2400 Pounds: $1500 - $2000
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For 65 years Capital Ceramics has been the foremost supplier of ceramic and pottery supplies, tools and equipment.
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